Target Field of our activities

1. Internal Migration in whole Bangladesh

2. International Migration

3. International platform for Bangladeshi migrants

4. Advocacy and policy for Trafficking

5. Women and Children migration nationally and Internationally

6. Policy for secure and legal international Bangladeshi labour migration

7. Policy for more active participation of embassy and others for supporting migrants

8. Policy for Banking and remittance sending process

9. Policy for Legalise all illegal migrants

10. Indigenous community and rights of Indigenous in Bangladesh

11. Follow-up UN Human Rights convention of Migrants and Indigenous rights and present situation

A. Research Projects

a. Policy for return from deportation and repatriation

b. Policy for information provider

c. Conference, seminar, workshop, dialogue for policy makers

d. Internal and international migration of women and children and their helth and hygiene development

e. Adivashi community migration and social right in Bangladesh

B. Development Projects

a. Labour skill development program and training program

b. Pre-migration survey

c. Enterprenership development of migrants

d. Protecting for vulnerable migrants in world wide

e. Legal aid and consultency for vuknerable migrants world wide