Internal Migrants

Migration is a factor which affects both the area of origin and area of destination. With the passage of time, as all types of migration (internal and international) increased a lot and it made vast socioeconomic development in the area of destination through sending remittance.

Ready-made Garments (RMG) emerged as an industry in Bangladesh in the 1980s. After 1990s, Bangladesh started moving towards industrialization and garments industry played a vital role in this revolutionary journey. Today, our GDP’s 80% is covered from this sector. It is the urgency of time to study this field more and more, so that we can ensure a healthy and smarter workplace and sustainable RMG sector. Actually, Garment workers are the nucleus of this sector. If we can detect their problems, ensure their betterment and motivate towards work by creating a friendly work environment, we can undoubtedly get better output from this marginal workers.

According to Transparency International, Bangladesh (TIB) report, RMG workers are paid 26% less in Bangladesh (Daily Star, 26.04.19). This study basically focuses on workers’ problems and on the basis of problems, specific intervention would also be identified. It is well known that most of the garments’ workers come from very marginal level to change their lot. But how much they can change their lot? It is a common big question. They serve this sector; try heart and soul to improve their conditions. But the reality is that they shine in very little cases, as their salary increases very slowly on the basis of experience, but their day to day expenses increase very fast. As a result, they have to live in the circle of poverty. Due to such financial crisis, they can’t fulfill their basic needs properly. They are not concerned with their food, clothing, accommodation, health& hygiene, etc. This deprivation makes these people deviated from the mainstream society. But their contribution to this society is significant. It is high time, to focus on these people who are deprived from their rights over the couple of years. Thus Our objective is basically focusing in this sector where we will try our level best to understand the nature of problems of our RMG workers, their present situations and their potentialities.


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