About Us

Migration research,development and society of Bangladesh (MRDSB)

MRDSB is a platform for all migrants and their household members. Beside a research, it is an advocacy and training based non profitable organization in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the largest migrant sending and remittance receiving country in the world. MRDSB has been working in the research field from mid of 2013 while registration process completed to the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSCF) in Bangladesh on the 5th day of February 2015. It has been working with diligently to illuminate the potential and rights of migration to initiate to poverty reduction in Bangladesh through skill, legal and authorized significant migrants. By cooperating with regional and global organizations, MRDSB continues to facilitate collaborative research that effectively integrates and links global migration discourse with regional grassroots programs in order to identify and eradicate the key issues affecting Bangladeshi migrants. MRDSB’s strong tie to local migration programs and role as an academic leader in migration discourse continues bridging the gap between scholars and grassroots communities. Subsequently, MRDSB plays a key part in the development of effective and relevant training programs, conference, dialogue and workshops for migrants and pre-migration process from grassroots in Bangladesh